How Can I Print My Own Checks?

One of the most common reasons why the question "how can i print my own checks?" arises is because not all checking account holders use the same amount of bank checks. Those who use them sparingly definitely would want to save some money by being able to print their own checks rather than be forced to order a whole bunch.

The important thing to consider is that it is done correctly to ensure that savings not only in time, but with money as well are preserved. When planning to print your own checks, follow these simple steps.

Decide on the appropriate size and material.

The initial consideration on addressing the concern of "how can i print my own checks?" is to first decide on the appropriate size of the bank check. Basically, there is a bit of difference in the size of personal and business checks, which means you need to decide accordingly. You also need to ensure that the material you choose to use for your checks are compatible with not only the printer you are going to use, but also the software application that you prefer to use.

Select the software to use for printing your checks.

If you are one of those checking account holders that have ever pondered on the question of "how can i print my own checks?", then you are definitely aware that there are a number of check printing software applications in the market today. Although it is completely possible to design your bank checks on your own without using specialized software applications, opting for built-in packages however can greatly simplify the process.

The choice of the proper software to use should also take into consideration applications that not only make it easier to print checks, but can allow for a convenient interface with various popular money management software applications currently available. Using compatible software applications can make it extremely easy to keep track of the payments that you make with your bank checks compared to manually writing or entering them.

You may want to consult various retailers aside from conducting your own researches online before deciding on which software application to choose. If money is an issue, it is good to note that there are some programs that can easily fit into your budget no matter how small it may be.

Make sure you have the necessary equipment to print your checks.

Aside from an inkjet or laser printer, considerations for equipment should also cover the use of specialty paper for check printing. It is equally important to consider that you may need to use something other than conventional dye or pigment ink for your printer. This means the potential for refilling inkjet cartridges with magnetic ink, which can be challenging if no adequate supplier is in your area.

The paper that should be chosen must have built-in security features to protect your financial transactions. This should make it difficult to alter the printed check to ensure the safety of your finances from scams and fraud.

Use of appropriate ink supplies.

Many checking account holders who are asking "how can i print my own checks?" are also concerned if it is necessary to use magnetic ink for printing. From a technical standpoint, the simple answer would be no. However, it is important to understand that it would be impractical to print your own checks without magnetic ink. Magnetic ink does not have to be used on the entire check, only on the most important parts.

On any type of bank check, the bank information of the checking account holder like the routing number and the account number should be protected. Normally these would be the funny looking characters at the bottom portion of the check or more commonly referred to as the MICR line. If these numbers were preprinted on your specialty paper and you will only be printing the payee information, then magnetic ink would not be necessary.

Computer machines that are equipped with magnetic readers will be able to read the printed account information on the bank checks to facilitate the processing. Although some banking institutions are slowly implementing optical readers, a huge majority will still be running checks and verifications using non-optical reader options. Without magnetic ink non-optical readers may not be able to process the checks requiring manual verification.

Manual processing of bank checks may require additional fees to be charged to the checking account holder aside from slower processing and approval. This emphasizes the importance of having magnetic ink ready when attempting to print your own bank checks. Magnetic inks can also be used for everyday printing jobs.

Install MICR fonts.

It should be understood before you attempt to print your own bank checks that MICR fonts are standards used in bank checks. Those are the funny looking fonts containing your bank account information including routing information. If you are concerned with the question of "how can i print my own checks?", then you must be aware that majority of banks will only honor your bank note if it uses MICR fonts or E-138.

Normally laser quality printers will be able to print these types of fonts without any problems. If you are unsure, check with the documentation of your printer. These two fonts can be easily printed on laser stock paper which is widely available in office supply stores. Being aware of these font requirements will ensure that you generate savings on the money you spend.

Test printing

The final step in printing your own bank check is to ensure that it will come out right. This is done by doing a test print. The process will also allow you to verify that your printer has successfully included all the necessary security measures that you have included; otherwise, you may be in for quite a headache if it becomes extremely easy for others to falsify your checks. If everything is satisfactory, you can continue printing as many checks that you would want or need.

You cannot legally print money, but, you can print your own checks and save considerable amounts in the process. Following these steps will ensure that all the basic requirements and specific safety features will be in place. The question of "how can i print my own checks?" is adequately answered by these steps.

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