How Can I Print My Own Checks?

Printing Checks

One of the most common reasons why the question “how can i print my own checks?” arises is because not all checking account holders use the same amount of bank checks.

Those who use a few checks a year would want to print their own checks. Since this would save them some money. Being able to print their own gives them cheaper checks rather than having to order a large amount .

Every check has to be printed correctly. This applies to printing your own as well as to checks you buy. Banks have to accept the check for you to get the savings you want. 

If you do want to print your own checks, follow these simple steps:

Decide on the appropriate size and material.

Do you want to print personal or business checks? 

These tend to be different sizes. You can get blank check paper for either type. 

You'll need to get check paper that matches the software application you are using.  It also has to be compatible with the printer you want to use. 

Select the software to use for printing your checks.

There are many check printing software applications in the market today. It is possible to design your bank checks on your own. However using specialized software applications greatly simplifies the process. 

Most people will use a software application designed for the job of printing checks.

These applications are typically part of money management or accounting packages. In some cases the printing applications may connect to those packages.

The check printing applications cover a wide range of price points. 

Some are for consumers and some for businesses.

Make sure you have the necessary equipment to print your checks.

To print checks you need some equipment.

Here's a list:

  1. Inkjet or laser printer
  2. Magnetic ink for the machine readable characters
  3. Speciality check printing paper with built in security features.
  4. The check printing software application

Use of appropriate ink supplies

Is it necessary to use magnetic ink for printing checks? 

Some parts of a check use magnetic ink and micr characters. These parts are:

  1. The bank routing number
  2. The bank account number
  3. The check number on the bottom (micr) line of the check

The bank can read this information automatically. This ensures accurate matching of the check and the associated bank account.

Sometimes these can be printed as part of the check paper. if so you do not need magnetic ink.

Modern check processing machines can use optical character recognition. This avoids the need for magnetic ink. 

The "check 21" legislation encourages optical check scanning, transmission and processing.

Install MICR fonts.

If you do need to print the "MICR line" you will need a micr font.

Laser quality printers should will be able to print these fonts without any problems. If you are unsure, check with the documentation of your printer. These fonts can be printed on laser stock paper which is available in office supply stores.

Test printing

The final step in printing your own bank check is to do a test print. You can verify that your test print has all the necessary security measures. 

If everything is satisfactory, you can continue printing your checks.

You cannot print money, but, you can print your own checks! And save some money in the process.