How Hologram Checks Improve Security

hologramcheckHologram checks are the latest security measures being put in place to help curb one of the largest challenges facing the banking industry today, check fraud. Today’s advanced technology is making it easier for counterfeiters to steal checks and simply scan and print new versions. More people than ever before are switching to hologram checks to improve their banking security.

What Are Hologram Checks?

Hologram checks are made with a secure, three-dimensional reflective image placed somewhere on the face of the check. The images are made with thin layers of foil that cannot be removed or copied. The patterns of the hologram have shine and dimension that are lost when they are copied.

Hologram Technology Is Growing

Because the hologram design is very hard to replicate and forge, many countries around the world are using them to create currency. Britain, Canada, Japan and Brazil are just a few of the countries that use secure hologram imprinting on their coins and paper money. Holograms can now be seen on bank cards, credit cards, passports, library books and any other product that needs secure forgery prevention. Hologram technology is growing because forgery and counterfeiting attempts around the world are also growing.

Prevent Counterfeiting With Hologram Checks

When thieves steal checks, they very rarely take an entire box. Crooks know this will alert the owner to immediately contact the bank to block the account. What they usually do is take one or two checks from the back of the box so the owner doesn’t notice. This gives them time to do chemical alterations on the stolen checks.

A check thief cannot print out copies of hologram checks without destroying the reflective qualities of the hologram itself. Everyone will notice the altered appearance of a copied hologram.

Putting Bills In The Mailbox Is Risky

Check thieves also wait for opportunities to take checks out of mailboxes so they can alter them and make copies. Many people have suffered dire financial consequences by having a check stolen from their mailbox. Counterfeiters can take one unsecured check and make as many copies as they want. They use special equipment and chemicals to “wash” checks and rewrite them to their benefit. Holograms cannot be washed or altered with chemicals.

Business Owners Can Benefit From Hologram Security Checks

Business owners are always at risk of employee fraud and outside theft. Other than locking up the company checkbook, hologram checks can give businesses more piece of mind if a check does end up missing. Crooks will have no way of making multiple copies and running off with company funds. Not only are hologram checks a safer alternative for businesses and large corporations, the average self-employed worker can benefit from this technology as well.

Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of getting paid with a counterfeit check could greatly benefit if all check manufacturing companies were required to use holograms. Most people don’t recognize what a counterfeit check looks like because thieves have become so clever. The telltale sign of a hologram guarantees the check is original.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine

Most of us hate to think that someone would stoop so low as to steal one of our checks from our home or mailbox. Unfortunately, the chances of becoming a victim of check fraud grow larger every day. The repercussions of fraud are enormous for bank account holders.

Imagine suddenly getting notices from the bank and all of your creditors that you have insufficient funds in your account. Not only will the overdraft fees pile up, the creditors will charge fees for returned checks as well. You will then have to take time off work, sit down with bank officials, file a police report and wonder when or if you will ever get your money back. It’s a frightening thought isn’t it?

In this day and age, it makes sense to order hologram checks to improve your banking security and give you more peace of mind.

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