Some Formats For Your Business Checking Account

Business checks are available in a wide range of styles. The major choice being for manual or computer writing. Then it comes down to the detail of the application (for example payroll) which will have specific requirement. The following is a list of checks suitable for businesses.
Voucher Checks - provide a detachable voucher that the payee removes before cashing the check for their records and usage. This is in addition to the normal "stub" that provides a record for the business writing the check. This type of check is generally available in a one per page format.
3 to a Page Checks - three checks on a sheet of check paper. These can have left stubs, be payroll checks, computer or manual checks.
Laser Checks - checks designed specifically to be "written" by a laser printer, These can be three per page or only one per page if they have ful vouchers.
Computer Checks - A general category of checks to be printed by a computer printer. The printer may be laser, inkjet or continuous feed. These checks will be compatible with a software program, for example Peachtree, Quickbooks, Microsoft Money or Intuit Quicken, which is used to fill in the checks to the requirement of the accounting system of the business.
Inkjet Checks - checks designed to be "written" by an inkjet computer printer. This style of check is a sub set of computer checks and often is three per page checks.
Desk Set Checks - these are 3 to a page checks with left side stubs that can be easily put into a three-ring binder for record keeping. These are normally for business use. (although some are used by individuals)
Payroll Checks - these checks are specially designed to be used each time the company payroll is done and generally include stubs that form a payroll stub for the employee. Software will normally be used to "write" the checks, although manual versions are available. Variations are available to suit salaried workers or hourly staff.
Manual Checks - For smaller businesses or ad-hoc usage this business check format is written by hand. Manual checks can be payroll checks, draft checks, three per page checks and desk set checks.
Continuous Feed Checks - designed to be used in tractor feed printers. This check format is available is sub formats, such as voucher checks and "check-on-check".
This table provides availability and minimim numbers per box for various suppliers and formats of business checks.
SupplierDesk Sets3 per PageLaserContinuousVoucherPayroll
Check Gallery300
Checks Unlimited300300250+300300
Designer Checks300
Checks On Sale3003005050300
Styles Checks300
This table should be used as a guide. We will update it as often as is practical.

Typically many who have a business checking account will often get desk set checks since this is one of the most popular business check formats. Some personal checking accounts may also use this format if it is a special account. The standard business check format also looks the same as the Desk Set style of checks. Both of these check formats are generally available as 300 per box and come in a 3 checks per page format that fits in a desk set binder. This is the typical everyday bank business style format of checks.

The payroll style of business checks looks similar to the business check format but you get more choices in the stub style than you would with the desk set or the normal business check format. These are also normally 3 per page, and typically come 300 per box.

One of the newer formats of checks are laser and ink jet printer styles. These are made to work with most check printing software packages. They come 3 per page and are on easy to feed 8 1/2 by 11 sized check printing paper. All you do is put in the amount of the check and who it is to, etc, and print it out. These work well for accounts payable departments for most any business or company of any size.

The final format is continuous feed checks. This type of checks work with tractor feed printers and is a very old format for business style checks not typically used by too many businesses today. Since you need tractor feed paper you will want to see how easy it is to get these days and a printer to use it in. This format of Business Check Formats does offer several styles and varieties in continuous feed checks like continuous check-on check, continuous check voucher and continuous wallet checks. This format works with most check printing software packages also.

When looking at the business check styles available you will need to decide which check format best suits your business style. Importantly if you already make use of financial software that prints checks you must make sure that you purchase matching checks. If you like the convenience of desk set or business check formats than choose that one when selecting your next set of checks from your check supplier. One final thing to consider is business checks may also typically cost more than personal checks.