Frequently Asked Questions on Online Checks

How Do I Order Checks Online?

Each check printer we feature has its own online ordering system. Just click through to your chosen check supplier and follow their step by step ordering procedure. It is easiest to have an old check available to provide accurate financial details for your order.

How Do I Reorder My Checks Online?

If you have previously ordered from a supplier and wish to reorder then ordering is simpler, because most of your information has previously been supplied. Just click through from our check printers details page to go directly to the check printers reorder page.

How Do I Know Which Bank Branch I am Using?

Each check will have a routing code printed on it, which represents the bank and branch. This is normally printed on the bottom of the check on the left hand side. Please view our parts of a check information resource.

How Long Will My Order Take?

This varies between suppliers. There is generally a wide selection of shipping options, from bulk mail to overnight courier. Some check printers offer a "rush" printing service, which will expedite your order overall. Shipping time is also an important consideration, which can again often be selected to speed your receipt of your checks. Shipping costs can be significant for quick delivery, so you should try to anticipate when you need new checks and so avoid having to pay large amount for shipping.

What If I Need To Cancel My Order?

You will need to contact the check supplier directly, normally by phone. Please click through from our check printers information page to the printers website contact page.

What Information Do I Need To Order a Checkbook?

To order personal checks online you need to have available this information:
• Bank Routing Number
• Bank Account Number
• Bank Name
• Your Name
• Starting Check Number
• Customization Information

We suggest putting the minimum amount of information possible on your checks to reduce the possibility of identity theft. If you are concerned about identity theft then forms of insurance are available to help protect you and deal with any consequences.

How Many Checks in a Box?

The number of checks per box varies by check format and supplier. Please see our personal checks supplier format table. For business checks please see this table.

Can I Get a Matching Checkbook Cover?

For the majority of check designs there are matching accessories including checkbook covers, return address labels and sometimes other items. These are available from the check printer when you order your checks.

Is There a Guarantee?

Most of the check printing companies featured on have 100% satisfaction guarantees. With this guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your supplied checks then you can contact the supplier who will ensure you receive satisfaction. The online check stores that does not offer this guarantee (Checks On Sale and offer some of the lowest prices, but you would have to discuss any returns with them. Please read the fine print of any guarantee to ensure it satisfies your needs.

What Check Formats Are Available?

There are a wide range of check formats available for both business and personal use. Please see our business check formats and personal check formats pages for detailed information. Note that not all suppliers offer all check formats, please see the table of personal check formats available by supplier and business check formats by supplier.

What are Duplicate Checks?

Duplicate checks automatically make a copy of the check as you fill out the check. So you never have to re-enter the information on the check in a check-stub. This is, of course, a carbonless process.

What are Side-Tear Checks?

Side Tear checks are torn off the checkbook at the left side, rather than at the top. Some people prefer this, because there is a shorter length to tear and this can make it easier for some people.

What are End Stub Checks?

End-stub checks are checks that offer a small record keeping stub at the left which remains when the check is torn off. These are similar to side tear checks, with the extra stub.

How Do I Track an Order?

Most check printing companies have an online order status/tracking page. A direct link to this page is available on our check printing companies information page. If an online status page is not available you will need to use telephone contact from the contact page.

Do You Have any Discount Offer Codes?

Yes. Discount offer coupon codes are available for most suppliers. These offers may be only applicable to first time customers or to all, including check reordering customers.

Will My Bank Accept Checks Ordered Online?

Banks will accept checks ordered online. All checks have to meet ANSI specifications and so there is no practical difference between checks bought at your bank and those ordered online.

Are Checks Ordered Online Secure?

There are extensive security features on the checks from our featured suppliers. Please see our page on check security

What is a MICR Specification Sheet?

A MICR spec sheet is provided by your bank to ensure that your checks can be read accurately by the banks machines. The check printer must conform to this specification exactly. The correct specification of MICR ink or toner is used and the spacing and font must also conform. The MICR line includes account information and bank routing number, so it is very important that this is correct.

Can I get Ez Shield Plus?

This insurance cover for your checks is available for most of the check printers featured on this site. This cover can offer a level of protect against various forms of check fraud and identity theft. Please be sure to read all the detailed information on this product to ensure it meets your needs and circumstances.

Is My Financial Information Safe?

When you order your checks online you do have to provide certain financial details so that your checks can be printed and also give payment details. These details are protected by your selected online check printer and they will give full details of the privacy protection offered in their respective privacy policies. These policies are linked to directly from our check suppliers page.

Is My Online Order Safe?

Ordering items online is now well established and is generally very safe. There are a few things to be aware of to help ensure that ordering is safe. The pages where your payment information is entered should be "encrypted". This is used to prevent your information been intercepted by a third party as it is sent to the check supplier. Encryption can be verified by looking for a padlock symbol in your browser - in the bottom right for Firefox and to the right of the address bar for Internet Explorer. It is also very important to check that your own computer is virus and trojan free. A good anti-virus program, that is kept up to date, is essential to ensure your online security.

More Information

If you want more information on checks then you can look at wikipedia or consult a check printing company. Please also feel free to contact us if you have further questions.