How To Write A Check for 1,000 Dollars with Cents

Even If You've Never Filled Out A Check Before

An Easy Visual Guide To Check Writing In 6 Steps

check filled out for 1000.00

Today checks are being replaced by electronic payments. It's still important to know the steps to write a check. There are some people or companies that will only accept checks.

Summary of The Six Steps To Properly Fill Out a Check for $1,000:

  1. Date: Write the date (for example "February 1, 2022") in the top right corner
  2. Payee: Write the person or company you are paying on "Pay To The Order Of" line. For example "Ronald Gomez"
  3. Amount in Numbers: Write the value "1,000.00" in numbers in the blank box to the right payee line
  4. Amount in Words: Write in words "One Thousand and 00/100"  on the line just below the payee line
  5. Memo: Write details for you or the payee about the purpose of the check. For example "Invoice #58431"
  6. Signature: Sign the check with the same signature that the bank has.

You'll see a sample of each step below.

Detailed Steps to Writing Out A Check for $1,000

Do all six steps at once and especially leave the signature until last. After the other steps.

Step 1: Date

Write the date on the line in the top right of the check. Write the date in the normal way. February 1, 2022 or 2/1/2022 are both acceptable.

February 1, 2022 date filled out on a check

Write today's date. This is the date of signing the check.

You can postdate a check using a future date, but in most states someone can still deposit the check now. You should avoid writing postdated checks.

Step 2: Payee

Write the person or business you want to pay the check to on the line the "Pay To The Order Of" line.  For example "Ronald Gomez".

payee line written on check

Use the first and last proper names not nicknames or abbreviations. If you don't know a correct company name then find out what it is.

Do not write the check out to "Cash" because anyone could cash the check.

How to fill out a check for $1,000.00 to yourself - just write your name as the payee!

Check the spelling of the name if you are unsure. The bank could reject the check if it doesn't exactly match their records.

Step 3: Amount in Numbers

Write the value of the check in numbers in the blank box to the right of the Payee line.

1000.00 dollars written on a check

Always add the full amount including cents (even if they are "no cents" or "even") after the whole dollar amount. Like this: "1,000.00" (shown with zero cents)

It's important to start at the left of the box, right after the $ sign. This leaves no space for anyone to add an extra number.

Make sure the number is clear and easy to read.

Ideally fill the box or you can add a line after the numbers so there is no space for any alterations.

Step 4: Amount in Words

Below the Payee line spell out the check amount in words.

One Thousand and 00/100 filled out on a check

You write the cents as a fraction of a dollar.  For example "One Thousand and 00/100".

This will be the same amount as the previous step, just in words. Write them to match.

The amount in words is the legal value of the check, so make sure it is correct.

You can draw a line to the right of the amount to fill any space. Leaving no space for alteration of the amount.

Step 5: Memo

Write the purpose of the check on the memo (or "for") line at the check's bottom left.

memo line written on a check

For example "Invoice #58431". This is optional, but can be useful.

The payee might want you to write your account, reference or an invoice number here.

You can tell the Payee exactly what you want the check value used for.

Later on, this line can be a reminder. At tax time or when you can't remember exactly what the purpose of a check was.

Step 6: Signature

After you are sure everything is correct and filled out you sign the check on the signature line.

J. Adams signature line on check

The check is not valid until you sign it. When you sign it you are agreeing to pay the check value to the payee.

Make sure you use the same signature the bank has on record for that account.

The banks could reject the check could if the correct signature is not written.

Writing a check for 1,000 dollars and 22 cents

Here's how to write a check with cents. The cents part of the amount as a number is just "22".

When you write the cents in words use a fraction. Like this "One Thousand and 22/100"

Check with 22 cents filled out

Before you write a check

It is best to write the whole check in one go.

Make sure you know who you are paying and the amount you are paying them.

If you need any reference or account number then find it.

Confirm you have enough funds in your account to cover the check.

After you write a check

Make sure you tear the check out carefully keeping the check intact.

Save a record of the check in your check register.

Having duplicate checks gives you a copy of the check automatically.

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