How to Find Cheap Business Checks

If you want the cheapest business checks then:
  1. Decide on the format you want
  2. Click on the lowest cost supplier in the table below
The table gives the lowest pricing we have for 300, 600 and 1200 checks in payroll, laser and deskset styles.

Business Checks - Laser, Payroll and Deskset Formats

Supplier300 ChecksCents per Check600 ChecksCents per Check1200 ChecksCents per Check
Tech Checks Laser Checks 3-per-Page$23.958$39.956.7$62.955.2
Checks On Sale Laser Checks 3-per-Page$27.999.3$39.996.7$59.995
Tech Checks Deskset Checks$29.95 (250 checks)12$53.95 (500 checks)10.8$97.95 (1000 checks)9.8
Carousel Checks Laser Checks 3-per-Page$39.9913.3$59.9910$99.998.3
Checks Unlimited Payroll Checks, 3-per-Page$43.1214.4$67.0811.1$112.609.4
Checks Unlimited Laser Checks 3-per-Page$59.85 (250 checks)23.9$83.80 (500 checks)16.8$131.72 (1000 checks)13.2
Last Updated: October 19, 2021

DISLAIMER: We update our pricing table as often as is practical. However we don't actually order the checks from all these suppliers in the table. There is no guarantee you will obtain identical prices. Sometimes there are special conditions to some prices - so be aware of this.

Tricks for Lowest Pricing

Extras can be checked by default. If you don't want an option make sure you un-check boxes to reflect that.

Handling and shipping can be significant. It may be best to order larger quantities to spread these charges over more checks. Plan your ordering in advance - You can then use the lowest cost shipping options.

There can be special offers on the suppliers site, so have a look around if you want to get the best deal.

Business Checks and You

For a business, keeping records of checks utilized is an important function. Specialized business checks are available to match almost any requirement or criteria.

Payroll is often paid using specialized checks, which are available with areas defined for information related to the payroll. The business Budget needs to be met and finding these business essentials for a discount can mean a considerable savings for some types of business.

Laser and Computer Checks

If you have software that prints checks for you, for example an accounting package (eg peachtree quicken, etc), then you need to get matching computer checks that you can feed right into your printer and have it print accurately on them for you. Almost every software package has checks designed for it.

If you cannot find some specifically printed for your software package then general purpose varieties can often work well.

Deposit slips that have your business details pre-printed on them can be a useful addition. These save time and ensure that deposit details are correct. This can avoid the delays and cash flow problems that can osccur if errors are made with manual filling out of deposit details.

Your Complete Business Image

The design of your business checks is only a part of your overall business image and should be complemented by your stationary, business cards, envelopes and other printed and electronic material that you produce. If customers, suppliers and employees all get a uniform message via printed material then the companies brand can be effectively conveyed.

in addition companies can get speciality check designs that are themed to business types. For example hair salons and real estate businesses.

Overview of Business Check Types

For a business choosing the method of "writing" the check is the first thing to consider. If you want to use an inkjet or laser printer to do your check printing then you have to purchase the correct business format for this purpose. We maintain a list here of business check formats. For a business that manually writes them, record keeping and filing or storage is very important.
• Voucher - provide a detachable voucher that the payee removes before cashing the check for their records.
• 3 to a Page - three checks on a sheet of paper, often with left stubs.
• Laser - they are designed specifically to be "written" by a laser printer, often in 3 per page format.
• Computer - types to be printed by a computer printer. These can be compatible with software such as Quickbooks, Microsoft Money, Peachtree or Intuit Quicken.
• Inkjet - these are designed to be "written" by an inkjet printer, most often in 3 per page style.
• Desk Set - these are three to a page checks with left side stubs that can be easily put into a 3-ring binder for record keeping. These are normally for business use.
• Payroll - these are specially designed to be used each time the payroll is due and generally include stubs that form a payroll stub for the employee. Variations are available to suit hourly paid or salaried workers.
• Manual - a business format that is written manually by hand. In use by a lot of small businesses, or for ad hoc payments. Manual checks can be payroll, draft, three per page and desk set checks.
• Continuous Feed - designed to be used in tractor feed printers. This format is available as wallet, voucher and check-on-check.