Why Order Your Checks Online

As with most other things that you need to accomplish in any given day, ordering personal checks can be done online. Although most transactions now can be done electronically, there are still times when you need a check, such as for paying the day care provider, paying the Girl Scouts for a cookie order, or the unusual business that operates on cash or checks only (yes, there’s still a few of them out there!)

Most banks will order checks for you if you’re a customer and you go to your home branch, but their selection of checks is very limited and most are just plain drab and boring. You express yourself daily with the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and the cell phone you use. Why not express yourself with the design of the checks you carry?

Additionally, if you’re not near your home branch when it’s convenient for you to order checks, the order is further delayed because it usually needs to be routed to your home branch for processing. Not only that, but you have to make time during the day, usually after work or on your lunch hour, to go to the bank and wait in line.

Ordering your checks online is a much simpler solution, and one you can do at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home. The selection of checks that are available online is almost limitless. No matter what your hobby or interest, your preference of house pets, or your favorite color, you’re sure to be able to find a design of check to suit your tastes. In addition to the extensive design selection available, you’ll find an expansive array of fonts and personalizations such as emblems, initials, etc., to further ensure that your check design is yours alone.

Not only is the selection of checks much more impressive when you order them online, you’ll get them delivered directly you in considerably less time than if you order them through your bank. In essence, ordering checks online cuts out the middleman (your financial institution), so they are both less expensive and processed more rapidly than if you order them through your financial institution.

These are some of the reasons online check orders usually arrive in considerably less time than checks that are ordered through a financial institution:

·The primary focus of a financial institution is to process financial transactions, not checks. The primary focus of a check manufacturer is to process check orders and get them to the customer as soon as possible.
·Check orders at a financial institution are submitted at the end of the day but may not actually get to the manufacturer for several days, depending on the day and location where the paperwork was submitted.
·Checks ordered online start to be processed when the customer receives the order confirmation, usually immediately. This can reduce the delivery time by up to a couple of weeks.

An additional benefit is convenience. The hours you can order online are not limited to banking hours; rather you can order online 24/7 and at your convenience. Whether for personal use, or for your business, you can order checks online at any hour and in any style and design. Even if you’re not really adept on the internet, most of the websites where you order checks are very simple to use and give detailed, explicit instructions on exactly what information you need to provide them so that your order is accurate and ships as quickly as possible.

Many online check sites let your upload your business logo to be printed on your check stock, which frequently is an added expense and inconvenience when ordering from a financial institution. While you’re at it, many online check sites offer checkbook covers, return address labels and stampers, among other accessories.

With so many options to choose from when ordering checks online, why even think about wasting your precious time waiting in line at your financial institution?

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