How To Write a Check

To successfully fill out a check just follow the steps below. If you have any concerns please contact your bank or state or federal authorities for clarification. Blank Check to Fill Out
1. In the upper right hand corner of the check, the person should write in the date that the check is being written. If this is unknown, they should consult with a calendar. In order for the check to be valid, it is important to include the month, day and year; if the full date is not featured, the bank may not choose to honor it. It should be noted that writing in a date that has not yet passed is used by many as a way to prevent the check bearer from cashing it before the money is available.

2. When learning How to write a check, it is important to write who the check is being made out to. The area in which to do this is located on the same line as "Pay to the order of." If writing the check out to a human, the check writer should include both the first and last name of the person; nicknames should not be used, as it is difficult to authenticate it and will confuse the bank. If the name is very common, it is recommended that the writer include the middle initial, although this is not required should such information be unknown.

3. Next to the "Pay to the order of" line is a box. The purpose of this box is to put how much money the writer is giving to the person or company. This should be in numbers. As an example, if the check writer wants to pay the amount of a hundred dollars and fifty cents, it should be written as $100.50.

4. Under the "Pay to the order of line," one is expected to write out the amount of money, but in words; $100.50 is written as a hundred dollars and 50/100, with the cents portrayed in fraction form. Fifty cents would therefore be 50/100.

5. In the lower left hand corner, there is an area set aside for informing anybody who reads it what the check is being used for. Just about anything can be written there, or it can be left blank.

6. In order to fill out a check successfully, the final step in writing a check is signing a name at the bottom. This must be signed by the person who owns the account that the money is being taken out of, or it will be considered invalid. One can write checks with ease if this is followed.

Here is the filled out check. Filled Out Check