Where To Start For 2018

Our lives aren’t always perfect and we face Big Life Events (BLEs), also family and friends with serious illnesses, switching careers, leaving long-term relationships to mid-life crisis. Time to re-evaluate one’s life.

Where To Start Financially Now
Start where we were are now, accept mistakes and make the best of any bad situations.

How do you do this?
First, take care of your physical and mental health.

Next. take stock of situation and set aside time to perform a “financial inventory”. Track spending with programs like Quicken, YNAB or Personal Capital. List all debts, bills, assets and income.

Figure out where you want to go.
For times of transition you can re-evaluate life’s direction and goals.

Restructure your life
Analyze all spending. cut unnecessary things by moving to a cheaper home, city or state.

Don’t compare yourself to others and seek support. Find trusted mentor somebody who’s been down the same path. Find out what worked for them and what didn’t.