MBA Finally Worth It?

mbaHaving got an MBA a few years ago it’s good to hear that graduates are being recruited. And not by the big consultancies / accounting firms, but by startups.

I would prefer to work for a small growing company. Lots more fun in my opinion. The payoffs can be good in a few years if it’s taken over.
( A guy I knew made about $20 Million when the company he joined a few years before was bought out ).

Going public is another possibility, but a bit more rare – although it gets the limelight.

In an MBA you’ll learn about financial modelling, accounting, marketing, operations, etc. In fact pretty much the things you’ll need to learn to run a business – from an academic perspective. The more practical it can be the better. 

If you have a business idea and run with it throughout the MBA course you can come out with a pretty well thought out plan. That may even get backing.


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