Save Money with Credit Card Rewards

There are many ways to utilize credit card rewards to your advantage. For example, a strategic combination of saving, tracking, and credit cards rewards has paid for some peoples' vacations! Helpful rewards like hotel cards and cashback programs make cheaper traveling possible. Others channel their money-making from credit points by working with specific purchases or maximizing their cashback potential. Ultimately, carefully playing around with credit card rewards can be quite lucrative, leaving some with the chance to earn hundreds more dollars in income.But watch out for fees and … [Read more...]

Is a Car-Sharing Program Like Zipcar Worth It?

Zipcar is like a timeshare, but for cars. Now, this doesn't necessarily deserve the negative connotations that a timeshare does. Zipcar works a lot like a car rental company, but differently in the details. The user needs to buy into a membership, then they can reserve a car to drive. There isn't really a central office you need to rent the car from though. The user reserves the car through an app, goes to the location where it is parked, then they use their "Zipcard" to unlock and drive the car. The key is stored somewhere within the car for the driver. The member also can specify the amount of time to rent the car for, … [Read more...]

Venezuela and its debt

Venezuela is a contradiction as a country. It has the largest oil reserves in the world, an amazing amount of beauties, and overwhelming inflation, interest rates and debt. It is currently only one of two countries, along with Mozambique, that wasn't able to make it bond payments. This is just part of the problem with Venezuela. They were a victim of the oil boom and bust, expanding rapidly but losing once the market went belly up with the boom of the natural gas and fracking industry. The government is now stuck in a place where it has great possibilities but no money to take advantage of … [Read more...]

Getting Over Investment Fear

It is hard to focus on investing when money is so tight to begin with. Many people assume investing is hard and risky. In reality, money that is stored in a savings account is better spent on investing in your future which could help towards a retirement. Investing is a way to earn returns on your savings. First of all, you need to learn how to invest. Learn the different vocabulary. Next, its important to just push yourself. You will get better at investing in time. In other words, you need to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. ​ … [Read more...]

Some Tax Changes That May Affect You In 2018

The new tax plan for the United States is currently being unveiled a little at a time and many are wondering how this change will affect them. For starters, the tax bracket that you fall in to may change as the amount of income needed to fall in to certain brackets has changed. Next, tax deductions for home owners may not be as fruitful as in the previous tax code. Additionally, those in lower income brackets may benefit from greater take home pay. ​ … [Read more...]

Your Net Worth

There is a way to calculate your overall net worth. In the personal finance world, equity is known as net worth. Net worth is actually an important thing to keep track of because it keeps track of how much you are worth at the moment.If you sold everything (at a good price), paid of all your debt - what would you have left? ​ … [Read more...]

Six Free Offers You May Be Interested In For January 2018

If you are interested in getting more for your money (or just getting something for free) then these ideas may pique your interest. First, the IRS offers free tax filing assistance to those who earn below a certain amount (last year: $64,000). Two offers revolve around eating. Spaghetti and pie highlight those two offers. Two additional offers involve travel or events. If going to a museum or national park are of interest then this may be for you. Lastly, if pictures and pets are your fancy you can take advantage of a free offer that allows you to have professional photos taken of your feline friends. If free is for … [Read more...]

Use Points to Book All-Inclusive Resorts

There are large loyalty programs that allow consumers to book all-inclusive resorts. This way, people won't be surprised with the extra expenses. The first resort is the Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay located in Jamaica. This resort gives international buffet and you can book it through the IHG Rewards Club. All of these resorts accept loyalty points ranging from 15,000 points to 144,000 points, depending on the size of the party. The other ones are called Hyatt Ziva in Cancun, Mexico; Hyatt Zilara Montego Bay in Jamaica; Viva Wyndham Maya in Riviera Maya, Mexico; Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace in La Romana, Dominican … [Read more...]

Your Family and Long-Term-Care Planning

Don't ignore your family's long-term care needs. Long-term-care insurance is out there, but the costs are very high. Still, unless you are very wealthy or very poor, you will need to insure some of the long-term-care risk. Deciding how much insurance you want to buy is tricky - don't overextend yourself on insurance you can barely afford. Also, remember that long-term-care insurance can be difficult to obtain. Read the fine print before you agree to any insurance policy. Remember that women are the ones who typically require long-term-care. These decisions aren't easy, but they can keep your family afloat when … [Read more...]

Affordable Overseas Wedding Spots

Mexico, with is beach locations, is a very popular wedding spot. There are some great wedding packages to take advantage of here. Jamaica is another popular wedding destination. Weddings book up quickly here, so it is a good idea to book far in advance to take advantage of the deals available. Nicaragua is another affordable option for spouses-to-be. Last but not least, the Dominican Republic is a beautiful location with many hotels that offer affordable wedding packages. ​ … [Read more...]