Share a Home

Older homeowners that are looking to get some extra cash as well as some help around the house might want to consider renting out a spare bedroom. In order to find a great fit, they can turn to a number of home sharing programs that will match a person with an empty nest with someone that needs some affordable housing. Home sharing could be a great alternative for people that want to avoid senior housing. ​ … [Read more...]

Where To Start For 2018

Our lives aren't always perfect and we face Big Life Events (BLEs), also family and friends with serious illnesses, switching careers, leaving long-term relationships to mid-life crisis. Time to re-evaluate one's life.Where To Start Financially NowStart where we were are now, accept mistakes and make the best of any bad situations.How do you do this?First, take care of your physical and mental health.Next. take stock of situation and set aside time to perform a “financial inventory”. Track spending with programs like Quicken, YNAB or Personal Capital. List all debts, bills, assets and income.Figure out where you want to go. … [Read more...]

Cashing in on Warren Buffet’s Bet

There is a way that you may be able to cash in on Warren Buffet's million dollar bet. Just about anyone can make a profit from the wager that Warren Buffet made. Warren Buffet just won a ten year bet that is worth more than a million dollars. His winnings are going to benefit a charity, but you can also benefit from it as well. The bet was originally made between Buffet and a man named Ted Seides. ​ … [Read more...]

Saving money internationally

There are 37 great ways to save some cash when you are travelling internationally. Before you go to your destination, one of the things that you will want to do is create a travel fund for yourself. Another thing that you should do is get a credit card that does not have any transaction fees attached to it. Foreign transaction fees are a real pain in the neck to many people, but there are some credit cards which don't have them. ​ … [Read more...]

Fraud Alerts Expiring

Fraud alerts are now expiring, but there are ways to protect your identity right now. It's been over three months since Equifax announced a breach of sensitive personal data. This left millions of people at risk of having their identity stolen. People were running around trying to protect their credit. Many people started looking into fraud alerts to help themselves. The most common type of fraud alert is only good for 90 days. ​ … [Read more...]

Tech Trend Domination

There are 6 trends that are going to dominate in the year 2018. Artificial intelligence is one of these trends. Computers that are located in Stanford University diagnose pneumonia in chest x-rays a lot better than humans do. Another thing that it does is use Google Maps images to spot the political preferences of neighborhoods based on the cars that the people have parked in their driveways. It is truly amazing what AI can do. ​ … [Read more...]

The Differences in College Saving Accounts

This article basically talks about the different options that are available to parents of college students. The 529 prepaid tuition plan is the best option if you want to keep expenses down, because in this plan you are only allowed to withdraw the money if it is for college expenses. On the other hand, the Coverdell Education Savings Account or ESA could be better for your child because if something should happen to you and the account is opened before the child turns 18, the child becomes a beneficiary of the account, which in essence means that he or she is entitled to all the money in the account. It also turns out that … [Read more...]

Get Out of Debt

If you are are aware of the basics of personal finance, then you may already be aware of the most powerful thing in the financial universe, which is compound interest. When it comes to compound interest, it is easier to grow a lot wealthier over time as the interest that you earn compounds on itself over and over. But, one thing that people need to understand is that compound interest can work against you as well as for you.This article gives you a step by step guide to get out of debt. ​ … [Read more...]

Interest Rates and you

Credit card interest rates are one of those we often don't think about we. We rack up charges, pay off some of the bill, but the charges keep accruing because we didn't pay it off. The basics of a credit card is that if you don't pay off the loan in a month, the interest starts accruing. The 20% you see wouldn't show up that month, but instead it is a portion. So if you have $1000 in charges, you'd accrue 20%/12 or 1.67% so you'd have $1167 due next month instead. Just remember that dropping it a bit and you'll save cash. Even a decent drop of 8% will change that $1167 to $1100.Ideally pay off your credit cards every month. … [Read more...]

Millennial Financial Advice

To summarize. The article is about advice for Millennials with their finances. The article highlights that the most important thing for millennials is thinking of the future and maybe taking a higher paying job you do not want, in favor of a lower paying job that might be more you passion to pursue. It is said that you want to do this because it is becoming harder to plan for and afford retirement. One of the reasons for this is student loan debt creating a large obstacle on top of everything else like paying for health care and pouring as much as you can into your 401(k).Thinking about retirement well in advance gives you an … [Read more...]