7 Top Tips to Reduce Your Power Bill in Summer

HOUSEWIFE STOCKING THE FRIDGEIf you want to take the heat out of your power bills during the summer months there are some very simple changes you can make to help save the environment and your money.

Lighting in your home uses approximately seven percent of your total energy use while your fridge will use a staggering 60 per cent of your total energy bill.

1. Air Conditioning

Before you turn the aircon on think about changing your clothes, wearing fewer clothes and having breathable eco-friendly fabrics for bed linen.

2. Lighting

Use low wattage lighting and keep lighting minimal as lighting can also contribute to heating a room.

3. The Fridge

Fridge Placement:  Ensure that your fridge is positioned away from direct sun exposure.

Fill your fridge:  Meal plan and shop wise. An empty fridge will use more energy than a full fridge.

4. Curtain Call

Close your blinds and curtains early in the day to keep the inside of your house cooler.

5. Switch Off

Switch off appliances at the wall.

6. Laundry

Wash clothes in cold water and dry on the clothes line whenever possible.  Natural sunlight is one of the best bleaches for your whites and it’s free.

7. Dining Alfresco

Summer is a great time for outdoor eating and entertaining.  You can enjoy a family barbeque in the evenings using a gas barbeque or take a picnic to the nearest beach or  park.

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