How to Stop Worrying About the Security of Online Orders

People who are not familiar with the practices of Internet business may be nervous about placing an order for checks online. However, with the measures that have been put in place the security of online orders is something about which people can be confident. One of the first questions that people ask is how credit card numbers can be transferred over the Internet without everyone being able to intercept them. Encryption is the answer. Businesses use a means of scrambling the numbers in such a way so that the only ones who know what the numbers actually are have the authority to use them legally. That is very important since so much business is done through Internet marketing every day.

To be sure that you are as safe as possible there a few checks you can make before making a purchase. Look for the padlock symbol in the bottom right hand side of your browser window. You can hover your mouse over the padlock and get extra information about the security of the page. In the address bar at the top of your browser the web address should start with "https://", this means the page is encrypted. Make sure the web address looks OK to you.

It is important that most of your business online be conducted through the use of credit cards rather than debit or check cards. The reason is simple. Credit card companies have fraud protection against unlawful use of your cards and will protect you against any unauthorized purchase or expense above $50.00. While your debit and check cards are secure, they are more vulnerable to fraudulent use and the account could be emptied before you had a chance to stop the thieves. Online orders using credit cards are very secure. Prepaid stored value debit cards are also a good choice, since the maximum loss is how many dollars you have stored on the card, with no access to any bank accounts.

It is essential to keep your own computer secure when buying online. Always use a good anti-virus/malware program and enable or add a firewall. With these in place and being kept up to date you are half way to a well secured computer. The other half is to keep programs updated with the latest patches and releases. This is especially important for the operating system, for example Windows, and software that is used in Internet access, for example browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, plus programs also used in internet access like Adobe Flash. Make sure you apply updates as soon they are made available by software suppliers.

How can you know if the business you are working with on the Internet is actually trustworthy? That is an important question and one that you should consider. The first thing you should do when searching for products on the Internet is to look for testimonials. Are customers satisfied with their acquaintance with the company? If not, stay away from them. The security of online orders depends in large part on the ethical practices of the company. They must build a reputation for themselves through a consistent practice. There are also "security seals" and icons sometimes shown on websites. These can give a level of trust that the site has been scanned for security verification purposes.

One very important thing that everyone must remember is to never give out social security numbers, unless you are absolutely sure it is required. No company should ever ask for your social security number without fully explaining their reason for doing so. Even at that point you have the right to ask why they need it or to seek to do business elsewhere. The security of online orders does not require that you reveal your social security number. Yes, there are people online who are seeking to take your information illegally and use it for fraudulent purposes. Do everything you can to be smart about how you do business online.